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SAP Consulting

More and more European and national statutory regulations result in more and more audit requirements, which at the end also affect your IT Systems.

Among many other terms, companies are obliged to have clear processes and a traceable change management regarding the users' access to the IT Systems. Today catchwords like Access Control, Segregation of Duties, SOX Compliance, etc. come to the fore much more than in the past.

According to your requirements we accompany you on the way to an audit compliant User and Authorization Management in your SAP System Landscape.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

  • SAP GRC Access Control and Risk Analysis
    • Segregation of Duties (SOD / SOX Compliance)
    • Access Risk Mitigation
    • GRC Workflow for Access Requests
  • Pre-Audit Check

SAP Security

  • Authorization Concept
    • Modular Role Design and Development
    • Re-Design and Remediation of Roles
  • Pre-Audit Check

User Management

  • Identity Management System (IdM)
    • Identity Lifecycle Management
    • Development of Jobs, Workflows, Reporting etc.
    • Self Services
    • GRC Integration
  • SAP User Admin in the ABAP Stack
    • Central User Administration (CUA)